Meet Our Executive Principal

“Kindergarten is a heaven on earth, great pleasure to be here.”
Ms. Gillian Lai

Ms. Gillian Lai

Executive Principal

Ms. Gillian is a certified Kindergarten Principal with 10 years’ experience in early childhood education. In 2017, Ms. Gillian was awarded a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education by the Hong Kong Baptist University, and was nominated as a Teacher Member of the Curriculum Development Council of the Education Bureau of Hong Kong. As an early childhood educator, curriculum coordinator, head teacher and principal, Ms. Gillian has been a Committee member of the Partnership for Promoting Whole Child Development Program under the Centre for University and School Partnership of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, as well as the The Mainland-Hong Kong Teachers Exchange & Collaboration Program under the Education Bureau.

Ms. Gillian embarked on her journey as an early childhood educator upon finishing her undergraduate degree. Always striving to excel herself, Ms. Gillian advanced her studies in early childhood education while being a full time kindergarten teacher. In 2016, not only did she complete her Masters degree while working as a full time teacher, she also gave birth to her first born. Those toilsome but fulfilling days gave her memorable experience and valuable insight as a young working parent who gives her very best to provide for her child.

“We nurture each child as our own.”

Firmly believes that a good educator’s impact on a child is profound and lasts for life, Ms. Gillian advocates teaching by example. A child’s moral education and character formation is even more important in his early years than the accumulation of vocabulary, skills and capabilities. Under Ms. Gillian’s leadership, all teachers at UCM respect the uniqueness of every child and are dedicated to letting students develop at their own pace. Ms. Gillian wishes to see UCM students become happy and self-motivated learners, and as they grow up, have the courage to pursue their dreams, and learn to face challenges and difficulties with ease.

I would say “music”, a universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries, and “meaningful playtime”. Both are essential to all children’s learning and development. UCM is designed as an environment that arouses children’s inborn curiosity, where learning naturally happens. Learning should always be motivating, engaging and fun, opening up a world of wonder. Through constant discovery and taking initiative in learning, children develop their personal interests and independent thinking, which form the basis for developing international mindedness.

UCM provides plenty of opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and skills, as well as optimism and positive thinking. I would also add “home-school cooperation”, which is also a crucial link for young children to develop their self-confidence and self-motivation. That’s why we work very closely with parents and I always welcome parents to share with me their observations, questions and feelings.