Our Unique Programme

Holistic education with a music focus.

Every child learns differently.

UCM offers a unique programme specifically designed for children in their early years to learn through music, discovery and play, in a loving, caring and inspiring environment. We nurture an inquisitive mind in our learners, preparing them for a journey of lifelong learning.

The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) forms the main framework of our education. Within this framework, we let our children develop holistically through our music programme, and help them build a strong foundation for language, mathematical and cultural studies.

International Early Years Curriculum

The IEYC uses international best practices, holistic enquiry and play-based approaches that cover all curriculum areas including personal, social and emotional development.

The IEYC is designed around 8 learning principles that are considered essential to children’s learning and development. Children’s progress is assessed via observation by teachers and recorded in learning journals. 

There are in total 18 units of learning in the IEYC curriculum. All units are designed to capture learners’ curiosity and help them develop holistically. At UCM, each grade will complete 4 – 6 of these units throughout the course of the school year.

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Our music programme is experimental, research-based and fully integrated into our IEYC learning. During the music classes, students enjoy age-appropriate music activities that echo the IEYC theme of the month, and participate in group creativity projects. We also offer after-school instrumental classes to help students strengthen their musical capabilities.

In designing our music curriculum, we focus on four aspects of a child’s development:


The Montessori preschool classrooms in UCM are purpose-built for Mathematics and Cultural learning. The specially designed Montessori sensorial materials help our little learners to understand abstract mathematical and cultural concepts. Students are encouraged to develop a love of learning and trust in their own ability to find the answers to their questions.

Having been a qualified Montessori teacher for early childhood since 1993, our Academic Principal Ms. Christ is still passionate in teaching young learners with the Montessori approach. Montessori classes of all levels at UCM are taught by Ms. Christ. 

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Our education would not be complete without the abundance of love and care from the UCM Family, grounded in Christian faith. Little learners begin the day with Morning Worship. Bible stories and Christian moral principles are infused in our day-to-day teaching and learning.

UCM believes that children’s character formation is even more important than the accumulation of vocabulary, skills and capabilities in their early years. Ms. Gillian our Executive Principal meets each class once a week during Library Time to get to know our students in person, and to teach them respect, gratitude and love through story-telling.

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